Social media harms your mental health

How I realised it was toxic to me and why I still use it

Technology is part of our everyday lives now, and social media is too. Although it is something created to socialise and share moments with friends it has become a very powerfull tool of marketing and data collection and it has been proved to be harmfull in some ways.

As a GenZ, my younger me was fascinated by technology and social media, by all the possibilities and innovation that it brought. It was a way to discover the world, and escape reality where I wasn’t confortable, surrounded by bullies at school and bottling up.

My first passion though is photography, It’s a beautiful way of capturing moments and being able to tell a story without words. However there’s stuff you realise growing up like people won’t understand you nor appreciate the same things you do, even if you love it a put a lot of value on it, it might not be the case of other people. And that’s okay. But I came to realise that it happend a lot to me. Surrounded by so much negativity, I was craving attention on the one thing that I loved, and social media was there “for me”.

I quickly realised how pictures of me were getting more attention and interest. So I started taking pictures of me and posting them, and that’s when the vicious circle began. And It got worse with the possibility of sharing “stories”. Of course I used to compare myself to all the influencers that were getting clout, and try to do just like them, and then feeling bad because it didn’t get me more attention, or the right attention. Of course, I wasn’t being me! Sharing my everyday life compulsively was as well the most toxic thing, as I completly put my attention on my own life and how to show my best me, even though it meant displaying something fake. I neglected my relationships and isolated myself. I was getting socially anxious.

Influencer with the famous “Social media seriously harms your mental health” phone case.

Social media is not real. It is an online world, and it can be hard to remember, once you get in the loop. Once you start caring about the likes, it’s over.

Do I still use social media? Yes. I want to build my own community and share my passion with everybody. My mindset has shiffed. I don’t post to seek attention, rather I understand the importance of community, and sharing valuable content, because there is a good side to social media in the end. It personally brought me an escape, I could meet and get to know other people that are supportive and have similar interests.

How did I shiffed my mindset?

Basically did a detox. Stopped using it and avoid using my phone overall. Kept my mind busy with things that made me happy like sewing and creating. Sports. I refocused on living and reaching my goals instead of focusing on showing off and wanting clout. Clout for what anyway?


Honestly I just forgot how living life was. Enjoying the little things, the good ones, but also feeling the bad ones is so important. It’s what keeps your soul alive. ❤

Sustainable Designer, based in Madrid